I am so happy and thankful you have taken an interest and have found your way to us.

IBP exists to provide a platform for learning to people like you. People who are more than just interested in starting a Blog or online business. The kind of people who are ready to take actionable steps to make it happen! We want to help you take those first steps on your journey to becoming your own boss.

Meet our Creator

Hi everyone, Ian here. I graduated University, or College to our friends across the pond, way back in 2008. Perfect timing for the financial crash! My first job out of university was annoying the public by knocking on their doors and trying to get these people to sign up to a charity.

Whilst this was for a good cause, it was sole destroying!

Needless to say, it didn’t last long, not because I gave up, but because I was useless. Not only was I useless at selling at the door, but also over the phone, which was my next 2 jobs, neither of which lasted longer than the probation period. I was beginning to get the hint that selling was not my forte.

So, I turned to doing something I loved at the time, and that was driving. For the next couple of years, I drove, cars, trucks, bin wagons, the lot. Then when I arrived home one day to the apartment, I shared with my 2 friends from Uni, not my only 2 I should add, we laid out a map of the world on the floor and said, “where should we go!” We were not just thinking of a single destination, we had a year long travelling experience mapped out, the only problem was, how the hell would I pay for it?

I suppose looking back now you could say this was the start of my blogging experience. It was whilst we were in the last few months of saving as much money as possible to go on this epic adventure, that I stumbled across some travel blogs. I first looked at these blogs for inspiration of where we could go, but then I came across articles on these blogs about where they get their money from, and it was the blogs themselves. Please don’t think I can remember specifically what these blogs were, I struggle remembering what I ate for my evening meal yesterday!

This was a big realisation for me, you could make money from your blog. With that new info at my fingertips, I went ahead and created a blog without conducting any research, well that’s a lie, I googled “how to start a blog”. I would love to tell you it went swimmingly well, and I am now living the life of riley, who or what is this riley? But it did not, the blog was only ever viewed by my family and friends, and that’s only because I shared the link with them. But it was a good way to keep them updated on my travels.

Needless to say, after 9 months, (I think!) I eventually ran out of money and had to make the journey home, move back in with my mum and start all over again. Now, 7 years later after starting at the bottom and working my arse off, I am a professional Project Manager and have more than doubled my annual salary after numerous pay increases with the same company. However, I am a bit tired of working my arse off for “the man”. So, I wanted to start my own business, only this time I wanted to learn as much as I could about blogging and what it takes to make a career from it. 

And I want to pass this knowledge on to you, someone else who might be working their arse off and getting a little sick and tired of it. 

Tired of putting in the hours for little reward. 

Tired of not being appreciated at work. 

Someone who wants to spend a little more time with the family and a little less time working for that “man.”

And that is my whole Mission.

To help new bloggers, solopreneurs become successful business owners.

Our vision at IBP is to become a trusted source of information. A community of online entrepreneurs that don’t just seek out help but offer help to other community members. IBP wants you to get involved. To work together to build profitable businesses that you are passionate about. A business that will grow so much that you can hand that notice in at work, oh what a sweet moment that will be! So long 9-5.

We want to provide you with the kind of information that is not just me telling you what you should do and then just leaving you to it, we want to provide you with actionable steps that you should take to help grow your business. 

To help us get there we have some core values, of which I have listed some below. However, instead of a soundbite of what they mean to me and my business, I want you to think of what they could mean for yours. That doesn’t mean to say you have to copy them, use them to think of other core values which matter to you and put them in your own business plan.

Take Ownership:

I may sound a little harsh now, but home truths need to be told. You can take all the advice, learn all the “tricks of the trade” and still not succeed. Maybe you didn’t put in as much effort as you should have. Instead of researching your next blog post as thoroughly as you should have, you wanted to catch up on that series on Netflix. Take ownership and responsibility for the outcomes you are getting and the outcomes you want.

Work Ethic:

Now I know I spouted on about being sick and tired of working my arse off for the man. However, working my arse off to get something started for ME, is work I am willing to put in. Now, be under no illusions here, when you are starting out, you are on your own, and you will have to put in the work. I am assuming you will already have a full-time job, kids, pets, the whole shebang. 

But you will need to find the time to deal with this responsibility. Once you start making enough money that you can quit your job, then you will be in a good place. So, you need to ask yourself if you have the work ethic to put in the hard yards now, whilst it is going to be it’s toughest.


I want you to share your ideas with our community, not only that, I want you to take the ideas of other community members who are offering them. I want you to make use of our free resource library. Feel free to share those resources!


Look after yourself. You are going to have to put in the graft, but not  to the extent that you run yourself into the ground, burned out and become ill. No one wants that. Yes, work hard, but make time for yourself, your family.

Do yourself a favour now, and whenever you can really. Write down 3 things you are grateful for. I will go first with 1 example: “I don’t wake up to an alarm anymore!” Now you go.

Next, write down 3 targets for the day. I will go first again. “Write content for my about me page.” Now you go.

Finally, write down your happy hour, if that involves going to a bar and having a drink then write it down. And then, more importantly, make sure you do it! Here is mine for today: “Walk the dog and read a few chapters of the book I am currently reading.” Ready Player Two if you are interested. That’s about 2 hours not 1, but I have the time now.

Now go ahead and think of your own core values AND START YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS TODAY!



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