Content Batching – how to create a content batching calendar


Last week we discussed the importance of a content calendar. How and why you should create one. Well that is all well and good, but in order to keep on track with that calendar you are going to have to create the content. Now the best way I have found for this is by content batching. 

What is Content Batching?

In simple terms content batching means lumping together all the tasks that I have to complete into categories, scheduling them into my calendar, and then smashing through them! 

For example, I batch together my research of content topics I plan to write about into 1 day. I write all of my content in 1 day. I schedule all my content to be published on another day etc. etc. 

Since I started content batching I have found that I am a little more in control, much like I do by utilising the content calendar. Having a full time job and everything else on top, feeling that little more in control is a massive stress relief. 

Let’s look at the 6 Stages of Content Batching 

I have found that I schedule 6 stages of batching for different things. These stages are;

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Research
  3. Content Creation
  4. Create Imagery
  5. Create any Opt-ins/ Lead Magnets
  6. Edit/ scheduling


Get thinking people! Do what you would normally do for coming up with content, but do it for your next month or next 3 months of content if you can. 

What does your audience ask you a lot of? What are they struggling with? Jot them all down. Expand on each of these with further ideas.

Then do your keyword research for each one. This usually helps me come up with a few more ideas. Now gather all of this information into content and work it into your content calendar. 

Remember to think about the flow of your content, how do the topics compliment each other across the month or months if you’re really going for it. 

Have you come up with other ideas that don’t quite fit your main content plan over this period? Don’t worry, jot them down and add them to a running list of content for the future that you are yet to plan. Use them to spark off the next quarter!

Research and Outline

Now you have your content topics for your set period of time, you need to research these topics and create your outlines. Have a think about what you will need for each piece of content, will you need any stats or quotes, links etc. Get everything together and move on. 

You should now be in a place where you can create your outline for each piece of content. Decide on the main points for each element of your content, add bullet points etc. If you struggle with what can go into your blog post outlines check out our FREE RESOURCES LIBRARY for your outline now. 

Remember this is an outline, so there is no need to go into too much detail, that will come in the next stage. For now you just need to understand the main concepts you are trying to provide your audience with, how can you structure it so it flows nicely and meets a natural conclusion, making it easier for your audience to understand and action.

Content Creation

Now, is the time for you to get stuck in to creating your content for your set time period. Don’t edit just yet, first just get everything down. Let the words flow. If you are thinking of editing as you go, it can be a long ass day!

Just get it down and move on.

Create Imagery

Upgrade your content, add in something that will attract your readers, free checklists for example. 

If you need an opt in form or a landing page then get it done here. 

Create the copy, design, then add them to your content. 

This is a great way of growing your email list to build your community and audience.

Edit and Schedule

Ok now you can edit your work! 

Is there anything missing? Add it. Anything that is not really worthwhile being there? Get rid. 

Rewrite and improve your content as needed. Don’t forget to check your on page SEO. If you are not sure what to check for, jump to our FREE resource Library for your on page SEO checklist. 

Once you have edited your content, you can now begin to schedule your posts on each of your platforms, your blog, youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever it is. 

My batching schedule is quite simple, you will find that the more you do it the easier it becomes. Now I can get more than one of the above stages done in a day. 

As with the content calendar, have a think about the type of content you’re creating, initially start with just one stage on a given day if this helps. It may become apparent that you need 2 days for your research as you just don’t have the time to dedicate a whole day to one particular stage etc. or you can do more than one thing in a day. 

This is about what works for you! 

Here is a simple content batching schedule for a month’s worth of content.

Simple Batch Calendar
Simple Batch Calendar

As you can see here, I have lumped together items that I am fine with doing together. Sometimes, depending on what my content is, I go over the allotted day, this tends to be on the research side. 

Remember you may need additional time if you do not have the capacity in your life to dedicate to each task. At least by having this calendar in place you know exactly what you need to do and when. If you think you are going to miss it, you can simply adjust and keep your sanity and not panic over posting later than your schedule dictates. 

As an example, below is a sneak peak at my calendar. Add and remove what works for you, this just so happens to work for me!

Sneak Peak: My Content and Batch Calendar
Sneak Peak: My Content and Batch Calendar

Have a go yourself. Follow my 6 stages above and schedule your content into batches. Let me know in the comments if this works for you! And if you missed our post on creating your own Content Calendar, have a read through it here.

One final thing, this works for a whole lot more than just your content… have a think of what else you can do.


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